What is my property zoned and what uses are allowed in that zoning district?

You may contact the Planning Services Division at (920) 236-5059 and ask for the zoning of a property. Please have the address or tax id number of the property readily available.

What is a Site Plan and when is it required?

A site plan is a scaled plan of the lot with all improvements shown on the plan. Site plans are required for projects requiring a building permit. Contact the Planning Services Division to have a site plan printed for your property for a fee.

Where do I get a Zoning Permit?

The Planning Office issues zoning permits. They are located on the 2nd Floor of City Hall or you may contact.

Where do I get a building permit?

The Inspection Services Division issues building permits. They are located on the 2nd Floor of City Hall or you may contact them at 920.236.5050. Permits are issued between 7:30 am - 4:30 pm M - F, or apply online.

What do I need a Zoning Permit for? (see below) (You may also need a Building Permit after obtaining a Zoning Permit)

Project Need a Permit? Application/Brochure
Antenna Yes Contact (920) 236-5059
Banner (Temporary Use Permit) Yes Download File
Bee Keeping License Yes Download File
Building Addition/New Home Building Yes Download File
Chicken License Yes Download File
Deck Yes Download File
Dog Kennel Yes Download File
Doors Yes Download File
Driveway/ Off Street Parking Yes Download File
Fence Yes Download File
Garage/ Shed Yes Download File
Handicap Ramp Yes Download File
Home Occupation (Business in my home) Yes Download File
Mobile Home Yes Download File
Mobile Vending Yes Download File
Parking Slab Yes Download File
Patio Yes Download File
Pool/Hot Tub Yes Download File
Roofing Yes Download File
Sidewalk Café License Yes Download File
Siding Yes Download File
Steps Yes Download File
Windows Yes Download File
Basketball Backboard/Hoops Yes Contact (920) 236-5059
Exterior Lighting Yes Contact (920) 236-5059
Flag Pole Yes Contact (920) 236-5059
Internal Sidewalks Yes Contact (920) 236-5059
Mechanical Equipment Yes Contact (920) 236-5059
Playground Yes Contact (920) 236-5059
Razing Yes Contact (920) 236-5059
Refuse/Recycling enclosures Yes Contact (920) 236-5059

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