Water Utility

The City of Oshkosh Department of Public Works must complete a database of all lead water service lines within the city by September 1, 2024.

It is easy to find out what material your water service line is made of:

  1. Click Self-Submit Your Service Line and fill out the brief form.
  2. Take photos* of your water service line and water meter. (*The total combined size of the photos must be less than 15MB. e.g., photo 1 + photo 2 + photo 3 + photo 4 = 15MB or less.)
  3. Upload the photos.
  4. Click Submit.

A Water Utility staff member will review the information and respond with what material your service line is made of and any next steps.

To learn more about the database and the Department’s deadline, click “What is the Lead Service Line Replacement Program.”

The City of Oshkosh Water Utility Division provides safe and reliable drinking water to the residents and businesses of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The utility is owned and operated by the city's Public Works Department and oversees drawing water from Lake Winnebago and the water treatment and distribution to over 66,000 residents.

The Oshkosh Water Utility is committed to providing high-quality water at reasonable rates while protecting public health and the environment.