Welcome to Sustainable Oshkosh

Sustainability is a framework used to think about and address systems holistically, rather than as component pieces or departments. For the City of Oshkosh, sustainability is implemented through the City’s Strategic Plan and guided by the City of Oshkosh Sustainability Plan.

  • Energy production from renewable resources
  • Local food production, sales and consumption
  • The city's natural resources
  • A safe and healthy atmosphere
  • Responsibly managed waste facilities
  • A safe, healthy, engaged, and diverse community
  • Safe, efficient and environmentally sound transportation
  • A local economy that attracts new businesses and encourages existing businesses to balance profit, people, and planet
  • Development patterns and buildings that support these goals
  • Cost-effective, socially responsible and environmentally sound governmental practices to meet community needs.

By integrating government action with data on municipal energy and water use, community health and wellness, access and diversification of transportation options, integrity and restoration of natural habitats, we strive to create and maintain an equitable and desirable community.

History and Mission:

The Sustainability Advisory Board of the City of Oshkosh was established in March 2009 and is given the mission to advise the City Manager and Common Council on sustainability issues affecting municipal operations and the community at large.

This website offers sustainability updates relevant to the Oshkosh community, information about the Sustainability Advisory Board, resources pertaining to all aspects of sustainability, and links to local and regional organizations that share a mission of sustainability.

Questions or comments regarding this site may be directed to Brandon Nielsen, Staff Liaison of the Sustainability Advisory Board, at sab@oshkoshwi.gov