Housing Study and Needs Assessment

2021 Housing Study

The City of Oshkosh has contracted with RDG Consulting and Design to conduct a city wide housing study. The results of this Housing Study will help elected officials, City staff, stakeholders and community members discern the local housing market, an understanding of key housing issues and how they impact the City of Oshkosh. It will also serve as a platform for strategy and policy decisions. The report is intended to offer a basis for formulating specific housing priorities, policy options, intervention strategies, and allocation of resources. Staff and the consultants have identified stakeholders to participate in listening sessions and serve on the Technical Stakeholder Team. Stakeholders represent a wide range of parties that will provide input for the study including developers, educators, neighborhood members, seniors and special service providers and more. The Technical Stakeholder Team held their first session on April 8th 2021 with plans to continue meeting as the study progresses.