Zoning/Land Use Complaint Form

All information with * next to it must be provided. Incomplete form will not be processed.

The Planning Services Division accepts complaints regarding Zoning/Land Use Violations within the City of Oshkosh. To file a complaint you must provide the address of the property where the Violations exist as well as information on the type and location of the violation. When providing a description of the violation, please be specific. All fields marked with a single asterisk (*) are required to be completed.

Please Note: Unless permission is granted to access the property of the alleged violations or adjacent properties, we are limited to inspecting a property from the street or sidewalk and as a result we may not be able to view all reported violations behind a house or garage or in a fenced area. If you desire to grant permission to access your property to better view the violations, the section marked with a double asterisk (**) must be completed.

* Address (Where the violation is located):

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*Specific location of the violation (Front porch, behind the garage, etc.):

*When was the violation first noticed?
**May we use your property to view the nuisance? (Include your Name, address of property to be used to view the property, home address if different & phone number)

Optional Information:
Although we accept and investigate anonymous complaints, providing us with your name and contact information will help us obtain additional information if needed or to clarify information submitted.

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Daytime Telephone Number

Please note, this office may not be able to investigate complaints when:

  • All required fields are not completed.
  • Information given is general, not detailed (i.e. This property is a dump.)

This Complaint submittal process is designed to maintain your anonymity unless you provide your name and phone number. Your e-mail address is not included with your complaint when submitted. After filing a complaint, if you desire information on efforts being taken to secure compliance, please call Planning/Zoning Services at 920-236-5059. Please note, sending repeated complaints is not necessary and will not obtain compliance any faster as this office follows established procedures in pursuing compliance.

What Happens Next…
Upon receipt of the complaint, an inspector will make a visit to the location. Once a violation has been verified, the responsible party will be issued a violation correction notice and given a time frame to correct the violation. The time frame will vary with the type of correction. Failure to correct the violation may result in re-inspection fees being charged and/or issuance of citations.