Riverwalk Design Plans

The Fox River has long been recognized as a great asset of the City of Oshkosh; it is now time to celebrate the River. Until this time, Oshkosh's revitalization efforts have predominantly focused on land-based improvements and redevelopment. With the successful opening of the Riverside Park Leach Amphitheater, increased developer interest in key riverfront redevelopment parcels, planned bridge replacement, and the pivotal reinvestment in downtown by businesses and the community-at-large, the focus of revitalization has now broadened to include the Riverfront. As momentum builds for riverfront revitalization, having a comprehensive riverwalk plan and design guidelines, as a framework is essential.

The Riverwalk Plan was approved on January 24, 2006 by Common Council

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Fox River Corridor Riverwalk Plan and Design Guidelines

Design Character

Design Elements

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