Residential Rental Inspection Program

The City of Oshkosh has established a program of regularly scheduled inspections of all residential rental dwelling units located within neighborhood stabilization and enhancement districts. To view the districts or to see what the inspection will cover, please see the link to the district map and inspection checklist below. Letters will be sent out to tenants living in rental dwelling units in the designated districts only. Inspections will only be conducted: 1) In an occupied dwelling unit with consent from an adult tenant or adult designee present at the time of inspection. 2) In a vacant dwelling unit with the consent from the owner or owner’s agent who is present at the time of the inspection or 3) Upon obtaining a special inspection warrant pursuant to Wis. Stat. 66.0119. No fees will be charged to the tenants for these inspections.

If you live in a residential rental unit and you are not in one of the identified neighborhood enhancement districts and you are having maintenance issues that are not being addressed in a timely manner, you have still the option to request an inspection. If you would like additional information regarding complaint based inspections please click HERE

The City of Oshkosh also requires a residential rental contact registration. The required information includes the owner the name of the owner, or at the option of the owner, an agent of the owner including the street address of the residential rental dwelling unit to be registered and the owner’s or agent’s legal name and telephone number. The owner may also voluntarily provide an email address for the owner or the agent of the owner. For additional information or to register a residential rental dwelling unit see the links below.

Tenant Resources

For questions regarding the City’s Rental Registration and Inspection Program please contact the City’s Housing Inspector Casey Koelbl - (920)236-5137 - Email or the Inspection Services Office Assistant Sandra Wentz  - (920) 236-5048 - Email