Property Maintenance

City of Oshkosh residents do a great job keeping up the appearance of their homes and properties but there are always a few that have "seen better days". Whether you have lived in Oshkosh all your life or have just moved into the City your responsibilities as a property owner, lease or tenant go far beyond just cutting the grass and taking out the trash. In fact, many residents are not aware that a Property Maintenance Code even exists.

The City of Oshkosh Property Maintenance Code was developed to prevent and correct the existence of adverse conditions and to establish standards relating to the appearance, maintenance and safety of all buildings within the City. The City of Oshkosh Municipal Code requires property owners to provide an adequate level of maintenance to each property so that they do not become a considerable blight upon surrounding areas.

All too often situations arise where one party grows tired of looking at a neighbor's unkept yard or dilapidated building(s). Tensions may get high, patience finally runs out and the City is contacted for help. Conditions such as peeling paint, exterior storage, unlicensed or in-operable vehicles, various recreation type vehicles including, trailers, campers, boats, etc. illegally parked or stored, unscreened refuse/recycling areas, long grass and weeds, dead or diseased trees, deteriorated siding, windows, doors, fences, and animal feces are some examples of direct violations.

The establishment of the Property Maintenance Code allows for enforcement of property maintenance issues. In most cases residents quickly correct violations prior to the imposed compliance deadlines. At other times, there are situations where residents refuse or fail to comply with written orders often resulting in services fees and/or court action. Property owners are strongly urged to maintain their buildings, lawns and exterior areas. If you have any questions on the City of Oshkosh Property Maintenance Codes please contact our office for clarification.

Commonly Found Property Maintenance Violations

Exterior Property Areas:
  • All exterior areas shall be maintained in good repair. This includes but is not limited to siding, windows, doors, roofs, porches/steps and handrails/guardrails.
  • All exterior areas shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition free from any accumulation of items such as garbage, debris and yard waste.
  • Dog/animal waste must be picked up on a daily basis so as to minimize health hazards.
  • Furniture intended for indoor use is not allowed outdoors.
  • No parking on grass
  • All vehicles (including boats, campers, trailers, etc.) are limited to parking in the driveway or an approved off street parking space.
  • All vehicles must display the current license plate, be registered and be in street legal operable condition.
  • Grass, weeds and vegetation must be maintained so that it does not exceed 8 inches in height.
  • Firewood cannot be stored in the front yard.
  • Firewood must be stored 12 inches to 18 inches above the ground.
  • Piles can be no higher than 5 feet and no closer than 1 foot to the lot line.

Codes and Ordinances

Public Nuisance Affecting Property Usage, Chapter 17-36

Off-Street Parking, Municipal Code 30-175(J)(3)

Unregistered and Inoperable Vehicles, Municipal Code 30-175(U)1

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