Neighborhood Associations

North Park

Boundaries: The North Park Neighborhood Association boundaries are South: W Snell Rd; West: Jackson St.; North: Farmstead Ln.; East: Winnebago County Park

Vision: North Park Neighborhood Association is a walkable, socially and economically diverse neighborhood where the quality of life is rich for all ages. All people are welcomed and valued and are encouraged to engage in open and effective communication and to participate in community activities. The neighborhood treasures its access to the Winnebago County Park with its ample public spaces, abundant natural resources and is committed to creating this neighborhood as a sustaining healthy and safe environment for all.

Mission: North Park Neighborhood Association brings neighborhood residents together getting to know one another learning and addressing the needs of the residents. Neighbors working together collaborating with Oshkosh stakeholders to promote our common interests, enhance our spirit of community, creating a safe environment for all.