• Where can I find parking information?

  • How do I start a Neighborhood Association?

    Greater Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhoods Incorporated (GO-HNI) seeks to engage neighborhood residents, empower them to be leaders in managing neighborhood issues, and to participate fully in determining the future of their neighborhoods.

  • How do I get permission from the City to close off streets for a block party?

  • How do we start a Neighborhood Watch for our block/area?
    You may contact the Oshkosh Police Department Team Policing for your area, or Officer Joe Nichols, Crime Prevention Officer, 920-236-5742.

  • Who do we contact about tenant/landlord issues?
    One resource for residents is the Tenant Resource Center. The Tenant Resource Center is a nonprofit, membership organization dedicated to promoting positive relations between rental housing consumers and providers throughout Wisconsin. By providing information and referrals, education about rental rights and responsibilities, and access to conflict resolution, we empower the community to obtain and maintain quality affordable housing.

  • If there is a conflict, do we have a resource to help resolve it?
    The Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center may be of help. If you have a conflict or disagreement that you cannot resolve yourself, mediation may be the answer. Mediation helps you and your disputant(s) resolve your differences skillfully and effectively. During mediation, you will discuss the issues important to you and determine the outcome yourselves. The concerns of each party in the dispute will be clarified with the help of trained, impartial mediators. The mediators will encourage clear and constructive discussions, but will not impose a solution on you. You will be assisted in finding a solution that is acceptable to everyone in the conflict. There is no charge for the service.