Labor Agreements / Pay Schedules

Labor Agreements

Pay Schedules

Non-Represented Pay Plan

The non-represented pay plan and related pay policies were adopted in 2012 by the Oshkosh Common Council. They cover all regular non represented employees. The control point of each pay grade in the plan represents the market rate for those classifications assigned to each pay grade. New employees are hired and placed at a pay point in their respective pay grade after negotiation of a starting salary with Human Resources. Pay point assignment for existing employees is based on the corresponding personnel transaction. If Human Resources receives a complete and successful performance evaluation for an employee who has been in their classification for one year, the employee is moved to the next pay point in their pay grade on the anniversary date of their hire into their current classification. This process continues until the employee reaches the control point in their pay grade. Pay for performance guidelines can be obtained from Human Resources. All pay plan points of each respective pay grade, up to and including the grade maximum, are increased by any across the board increases the Oshkosh Common Council approves for regular non-represented employees.

Full and Part Time Benefited Pay Plan - Non-Represented

Seasonal and Part Time Non-Benefited Pay Plan – Non-Represented