Historic Plaques Program

Historic Plaques

The City of Oshkosh has many historically significant residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. To recognize these properties in the present and their place in our collective past, the Oshkosh Landmarks Commission has instituted a Historic Plaque Program to share the history of these buildings and our community.

How do I get a plaque?

Please fill out this brief application. Once received, The City’s Landmarks Commission will review the application and determine if the property meets base eligibility criteria. The application is very short, and simply requires the address and applicant information, as well as a photograph of the structure/site.

Once received, the Oshkosh Landmarks Commission will conduct more detailed historical research on your property.

Historical Research

The Plaque Program requires some research into the history of your building or property. Much of the needed information may be self-explanatory or be common knowledge of the property owner, family or neighbors. Other sources of information utilized to research your property may include State, City or County records, the Oshkosh Public Museum and the Oshkosh Public Library.

If you want to research the building/property yourself, please do not hesitate to contact the staff liaison to the Landmark’s Commission for assistance with questions on where to find needed information.

What happens after the application is completed?

The City’s Landmarks Commission will officially verify the information provided that has been submitted and other research conducted by Commission members and then order the plaque for you upon approval.

What information is included on the plaques?
  • The oval bronze plaques are 10” long by 7” high.
  • They will have the construction date prominently displayed in the center, stating either “Built” or “Circa” in the second line.
  • Each applicant will be able to customize the wording at the top of the plaque as long as the maximum letter/space count is not exceeded (approximately 20 characters including spaces).
  • The bottom of the plaque will read “Oshkosh Landmarks Commission”.
  • Suggested information is a name associated with the history of the residence or business, the original owner’s profession, or name of the original business.
  • Only verifiable historic facts will be allowed.
  • City Staff will assist in the final wording and layout for the plaque.
Plauge example 1
Plauge example 2

Plaque Cost

The cost of the plaques are $250.00. The fee for the plaque must be submitted prior to ordering. Delivery times are estimated to be between 5-7 weeks from the order date.

Eligible Structures

Any structure within the City of Oshkosh that meets one or more of the following criteria, as determined by the Landmarks Commission:

  • Its value as a reminder of the cultural or archeological heritage of the city, state or nation.
  • Its location as a site of a significant local, state, or national event.
  • Its identification with a person or persons who significantly contributed to the development of the city, state or nation.
  • Its identification as the work of a master builder, designer, or architect whose individual work has influenced the development of the city, state or nation.
  • Its value as a building that is recognized for the quality of its architecture, and that retains sufficient elements showing architectural significance.
  • It's characteristic of an architectural style.
  • Be landmarked or eligible to be landmarked at a local, state, or national level.

Structures should generally be 50 years or older, although other structures may qualify. Properties should retain sufficient architectural detail to qualify as having characteristics of an architectural style. They do not have to be the work of a master builder, designer or architect, but simply convey their history through architectural elements. Properties that are the site of a significant local, state or national event, or which identify with a person or persons who significantly contributed to the development of the city, state or nation also qualify.

Click here for the Historic Plaque Program Application and Brochure