Routes and Times

Try GO Transit buses for your trips to work, school, shopping, medical appointments, entertainment, or other travel needs in the City of Oshkosh. A majority of Oshkosh's residents are located within a few blocks of a bus route. Below are our routes and maps to help you find the route you need.

Route Number Route Name Map/Schedule
1 Bowen/Hazel Click here
2 Main/Jackson Click here
3 FVTC/New York Click here
4 Murdock/Logan Click here
5 UWO/Westowne Click here
6 Witzel/9th Click here
7 Washburn/Koeller Click here
8 20th/South Park Click here
9 Oakwood Click here

GO Transit provides bus service between Downtown, UWO and the EAA Main Gate during EAA AirVenture. Click here to see the route and schedule.

GO Transit Route Map and Rider's Guide