GO Transit Travel Training Program

Your key to independence!

GO Transit provides free training and other resources to any community member that would like to learn how to use the bus. We call this program "Travel Training." The program is designed to help first-time riders, groups, and individuals with disabilities become familiar and comfortable with riding the bus.

We will tailor the program to provide the training that works best for you. Here are a few different types of resources provided depending on your needs:

  1. Specialized Individual Training - A professional travel trainer schedules a meeting with you to focus on your travel needs. The trainer reviews all aspects of bus riding and accompanies you during your initial bus trips. The training is free, but regular bus fares are required for the new rider.

  2. Bus Buddy - A volunteer, experienced with riding GO Transit buses, is available to ride along with you a few times. While riding, your bus buddy can answer questions you have about the bus and provide helpful information about the bus service. The training is free, but regular bus fares are required for the new rider.

  3. Trip Planning - Call or email GO Transit (see contact info below) with any questions about the service. We are more than happy to help you plan a trip over the phone or via email. Other resources, like the website and route map can be used to research your travel plan.

  4. Group Training - GO Transit provides a presentation about the service and key points to bus riding. Training may also include a tour of an GO Transit bus. The preferred group size is 10-25 attendees. Group trainings are free.

Who is eligible for Travel Training?

Any adult (ages 18 and older) that would like to learn how to use GO Transit's bus service is eligible.

How do I find out more?

Simply call GO Transit at 232-5340 or email transit@oshkoshwi.gov.

Why ride the bus?

Become one of the 1 million plus rides provided by GO Transit each year!

How can I help?

GO Transit uses volunteers, as bus buddies, to help new riders learn how to ride. If you are a current rider and are interested in becoming a bus buddy, call the Mobility Manager at Making the Ride Happen (920) 225-1740.

Existing Travel Training Programs in Oshkosh

In addition to GO Transit's travel training program, other organizations provide travel training to their customers/clients within the City of Oshkosh. GO Transit would like to thank the following organizations for their help.

If your agency is interested in providing travel training to customers/clients in the City of Oshkosh, contact GO Transit. We can provide maps, training guidance, and more.