Bike 'N Ride

Each GO Transit bus is now equipped with a bike rack. The bike rack program, called Bike N Ride, was established to highlight safe use of this travel option for transit riders. Each bike rack is located at the front of the bus and will hold up to two bikes. There is no additional charge for your bicycle. No special permit or certification is required to use the bike rack. This service will be available year round on all GO Transit bus routes. After loading your bike, hop on the bus, pay your fare, and enjoy the ride. The information below is designed to help educate riders and promote safe usage.

Bus bike racks have many advantages. They will allow cyclists to broaden their area of travel. Bike and bus travel promotes a healthy lifestyle. It's environmentally smart to travel by bike and bus. Finally, bike and bus travel saves commuting costs when compared to travel by personal car.

How to use a Bike Rack:

  1. Squeeze the release handle and gently lower rack.
  2. Lift your bike onto the rack. Fit your wheels into the bike tray slots.
  3. Rotate the handle located near the bottom of the rack until your front tire is held by the wheel locking arm.
  4. To unload bike, lower the wheel locking arm using the handle, remove bike and raise rack if there are no other bikes currently using it.

Bike Rack Training:

While there is no training or certification required to use the bike racks, GO Transit will provide a brief demonstration to anyone that would like to learn how to use the bike rack. To schedule an appointment, call GO Transit at 920 232-5341. Demonstrations will occur at GO Transit's office at 926 Dempsey Trail and be scheduled during GO Transit's office hours 8 am - 4:30 pm, Monday and Friday. Feel free to bring your bike for the demo.

Route and Schedule Information:

Click here for route and schedule information. If this is your first trip on GO Transit buses, click here to learn how to ride the bus.

Safe and Smart Riding:

Other Tips & Info:

Cycling Links:

Pedestrian and Bicycling Advisory Committee

Winnebago County bike conditions map

Lost and Found:

Should you forget your bike on the rack or lose other items on the bus, call GO Transit Lost and Found at (920) 232-5340 and give us the route, location, date and time you lost your bike or item, as well as a description. GO Transit will store lost bikes for 24 hours and then turn unclaimed bikes over to the Oshkosh Police Department.

Thanks for considering GO Transit as part of your ride!