Advertising on GO Transit Buses

GO Transit greatly appreciates its existing marketing partnerships with local and regional businesses. For our current partners, bus advertising provides a great avenue to present a brand to the Oshkosh community. Bus ads offer excellent and continual visibility to riders and non-riders. Our buses travel through all areas of the city, including near shopping centers, educational facilities, the downtown business district, and residential neighborhoods.

All bus advertisements are handled by Houck Transit Advertising.  Ads come in several different sizes and can be placed on different parts of the bus.  If you are interested in the current bus ad rates, or would like more information, please contact:

Amy Newton
Phone: (608) 212-3496

To learn more about what Houck can do, take a look at their website, Thank you for considering GO Transit in your marketing plans.

Please note that GO Transit shall accept, display and maintain only advertisements that propose a commercial transaction, or that are requested and secured by a government entity. Ad content is governed by GO Transit's Ad Policy. For a copy of the complete policy, contact GO Transit.