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Our Future

Our Vision

The Oshkosh Fire Department’s 2027 vision is to be known as an internationally
accredited agency that supports the pursuit of a safe and vibrant community.

This will be accomplished by honoring our history and those we serve by
investing in our greatest asset, our members. We will strive to recruit and retain
an efficient, trained, diverse, and healthy workforce while understanding that
we must always plan for the future. Enhanced management of physical
resources and greater use of technology will deliver efficacies so that we can
continue to be there for those who live, work, and play in Oshkosh. As a
progressive department, we will assemble and apply communication processes
that deliver contemporary, transparent, and beneficial value to our members
and ever-changing community.

We will be an initiative-focused department responsible for building a
collaborative environment of excellence and service through individual and
organizational accountability to deliver our mission, live our values, and make
this vision a reality.